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  • High Resolution Site Characterization

    OIP (Optical Image Profiler)

    The OIP (Optical Image Profiler) manufactured by Geoprobe is a direct push tool used for the delineation of non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) hydrocarbon fuels and oils. The OIP-UV probe is designed with UV and visible light sources which are directed out a sapphire window. As the probe is advanced into the subsurface, the UV light source will induce fluorescence of the fuel polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). This fluorescence is captured by an onboard camera which operates at 30 images per second. Images are saved throughout the advancement of the log and still photos are taken using UV and visible light sources each rod addition as well as at operator chosen depths. Soil fluorescence images (20 per ft) are saved throughout the log and can be reviewed in Direct Image Viewer after the log is complete. The OIP-G is available for heavier fuel or oil products.


    HPT (hydraulic profiling tool)

    The HPT (hydraulic profiling tool) manufactured by Geoprobe is a logging tool that measures the pressure required to inject a flow of water into the soil as the probe is advanced into the subsurface. This injection pressure log is an excellent indicator of formation permeability. In addition to measurement of injection pressure, the HPT can also be used to measure hydrostatic pressure under the zero flow condition.

    This allows the development of an absolute piezometric pressure profile for the log and prediction of the position of the water table. The piezometric profile can be used to calculate the corrected HPT pressure. This data along with the flow rate can then be used to calculate an estimate of hydraulic conductivity (K) in the saturated formation.

    OIHPT Instrument